NetSupport DNA v4.80


Ab sofort steht das Programm NetSupport DNA von NetSupport in der Version v4.80 zur Verfügung.17.02.2020 => Releasedatum Hersteller
02.03.2020 => Releasedatum ProSoft


Bei dieser Version handelt es sich um ein Major Release und somit ist ein neuer Lizenzschlüssel notwendig. Kunden mit bestehendem Wartungsvertrag erhalten zeitnah von uns die neuen Lizenzinformationen zur Verfügung gestellt.Diese Version kann mit einem Lizenzkey v4.8 verwendet werden

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when using Reset in the Title blocking feature did not clear the list of title blocking rules.
  • Resolved an issue where Thumbnails were not showing while the server was busy.
  • Added an Arabic language pack for keyword monitoring.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate DNA Agent PCs were shown in the Console when Agent machines were re-imaged.
  • Added an Italian language pack for keyword monitoring.
  • Updated the English language pack for keyword monitoring.
  • Resolved an issue where Explorer performance details were not shown correctly when RDP sessions are active on the Agent machine.
  • Resolved issue where attached Report a concern documents were not syncing between DNA cloud and DNA Server.
  • Resolved a DNA Server crash related to memory corruption in the eSafety component.
  • Resolved a crash in the Spotlight feature when using Webgate400 client.
  • Updated the Welsh language pack for keyword monitoring.
  • Updated the Scottish language pack for keyword monitoring.
  • Resolved issue where print monitor data could not expanded.
  • Added a GDPR Compliant column to the Application management area in Software Inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where turning Title blocking On/Off for a profile were not sent to Agents once saved.
  • Added new resources to the Safeguarding Resources lists.
  • Resolved an issue where a Console user was able to perform remote login at department level when the access right was not granted to them.
  • Resolved access right issue where removing the permission to view thumbnails was allowing users access.

Neue Funktionen

  • DNA now retains the requested by user for USB devices.
  • Can now set a Data Retention Policy with Database Maintenance to remove unwanted data from the database.
    The policy can be scheduled to run on a specific day/time and of a frequency of your choosing s can be sent to notify you when the process is complete.
  • Improved AUP assignment, can now assign AUP to users to be shown on each login.
  • Added a new Efficiency View to see how technology is being used across your organisation.
  • Reduced network traffic by improving Agent thumbnail updates.


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