FAQ #7 zur Version 6: Grouping and Scanning

von | 28.Februar 2008


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Q. If your console is joined in one Windows domain, but you want to scan a machine joined in a different domain, do you need to need a console that is joined in the second domain?
A. No. You can do cross-domain scans without a problem. Simply input the domain name on the machine group page and then click the ‘lock’ icon next to that domain. Enter a valid set of credentials (domain admin or similar) for that domain and the console in domain1 will scan the machines in domain2.
(Note: if running the console on Windows Server 2003 SP1, you need to install two special hotfixes from Microsoft to correct cross-domain authentication. These hotfixes were built into WS03 SP2. See Shavlik KB article

Q. Can machine groups based on OU now sync with AD on a daily basis?
A. If you have created a machine group and have selected an OU to scan, that OU is enumerated each time the machine group is scanned. If two new machines are added to the OU, those two machines will be included in the scan the next time that group is scanned. As long as you select the OU itself (rather than indivudual machines in the OU), the OU will be dynamically enumerated before each scan is performed.

Q. Does the 6.0 scan engine detect acrobat std/pro 8?
A. Adobe Reader 8 – yes. Adobe Acrobat 8 – not yet. We’re still working on the detection logic between standard and pro as they sometimes require different patches. Once we identify this information, support of Adobe Acrobat 8 will be automatic via a new hfnethck6b.xml file. No code changes required.

Q. Is command line scanning still supported?
A. Yes. You can still scan from commandline – the executable name has changed to hfcli.exe. Some of the interaction with the database has changed. Please contact a Shavlik sales engineer for additional information on commandline interaction with the database.

Q. My machines are not members of a domain and I could not get Shavlik NetChk 5.9 to work with computers in a workgroup. Does this work better in 6.0? (Machines will be eventually moved into Active Directory that is under construction.)
A. All versions of NetChk should operate correctly when scanning workgroup systems. (We do this all the time for testing). Please contact Shavlik Support if you are still having problems scanning non-domain systems.


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