How to Properly Uninstall/Upgrade a 3.4 SP4 Client

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When upgrading a 3.4 SP4 Client (build numbers: 3.4.4597.4333 3.4.4598.4336 3.4.4831.6129 3.4.4832.6208), a BSOD might occurs showing:

Probably caused by : SPFDBUSI.SYS ( SPFDBUSI!SpfdBusUnload+86 )

The SPFDBUS driver was not properly removed during the uninstall.
Note – upgrading a 3.4 SP4 Agent will also cause this BSOD as it starts with an uninstall of the Agent.

The issue was fixed and should not occur from version 3.4.5 and above. For earlier versions, please use the following steps:

(1) Open the registry key: HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesSpfdBus, and set the value for the DWORD “Start” to 4.
(2) Restart the machine
(3) Complete the uninstall

In order to avoid these issues with the upgradeinstall process, a special hotfix was created.

(1) Download the file “[download id=”12″ format=”1″]”.

(2) Run the file manually or via a startup script on all machines you plan to upgrade at some point in the future.
___a. The executable runs silently on the machine.
___b. There is no need to reboot the machine after the executable runs on it.
___c. The executable does not require any parameters.
___d. The executable can be run on any machine, even if it doesn’t have a Safend Client installed, if it has another version of the Client installed or if its upgrade is not planned in the near future.
___e. In order to verify the tool ran on a machine, open regedit and check if the value “LegacyUpdateSpfdBusPatch” exists under the following key: HKLMSOFTWARESafendProtectorInput

(3) After running the hotfix, future upgrades of 3.4 SP4 machines should be run using the following command either manually or via a startup script:

msiexec.exe /i [Path To New MSI File].msi ENFORCE_SPFDBUS_PATCH_CHECK=1

The new switch will terminate the installation if the hotfix was not properly enforced.


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