Safend/Wave Protector Client – Safend Diagnose Tool

von | 6.November 2012

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Die folgenden Anweisungen für den “SAFEND Protector” gelten natürlich auch für Installationen ab Version 3.4.8 SP1, welche dann unter dem geänderten Namen “WAVE Protector” installiert werden. Die Pfadangaben sind entsprechend auf WAVE zu aktualisieren.

In many cases there is a need to collect various logs and information from a machine on which Safend is installed in order to perform useful troubleshooting. Collecting these files manually may be a long process and prone to user errors.

Starting version 3.4.5 Safend has included a built-in tool which collects all the required information automatically.
(IMPORTANT NOTE – this tool is not supported on older versions of Safend)

** Make sure you use admin rights, unless the issue requires to be non-admin **
On the Client machine under Program FilesSafendData Protection Agent you will find the following batch files:
1) SDTInit – Prepares the Client machine for the log recording and collection (includes turning on different Safend flags in the registry)
2) SDTCollect – Performs all the actions of logs and information collection and at the end runs the SDTCleanup command automatically.
3) SDTCleanup – Returns the machine to its original state (e.g clears the Safend flags). This should ONLY be used manually if you run SDTInit and then decide not to run the collect command.

Please use the tools as follows:

  1. Run SDTInit
  2. Reproduce the issue (if possible).
  3. Run SDTCollect
  4. Send the output to support

Output is a ZIP file that can be found under *[path]SafendSDTResults[date created]–AgentAgentResults-[date created]-[time created].ZIP

*[path] refers to:
– Win7Vista – ProgramData
– XP – ApplicationDataall users”,,safend-protector-client-safend-diagnose-tool
2245,2013-10-21,2019-09-12,1809,Client Lizenzen freigeben”


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