NetSupport School: Neue Version verfügbar

Neues Minor-Release 12.60 mit neuen Funktionen ab sofort im Downloadbereich.

Die Klassenraum-Management und Onsite-Trainingssoftware NetSupport School ist ab sofort in der Version 12.60.01 zum Download verfügbar.

Informationen zu den neuen und verbesserten Funktionen finden Sie in der Release-Note des Herstellers 

Die neue Version 12.60.01 finden Sie ab sofort in unserem Downloadbereich. Da es sich hierbei um ein Minor-Release handelt, ist kein neuer Lizenzschlüssel erforderlich.

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Offizielle Release-Note des Herstellers

What’s New

  • Added integration between the Tutor and SIS using ClassLink OneRoster, allowing you to instantly access your SIS classrooms and student accounts at the start of a NetSupport-managed lesson.
  • Added support for OneRoster compatible zip files to use 3rd Party SIS systems
  • Improved security for the sync of OneRoster data.
  • Added report view to the New Class dialog to help identify similar named SIS Classes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that could cause the default room name would keep reappearing in the tutor after deletion.
  • Co-browser and Show video are now removed from the default toolbar.
  • Resolved issue preventing some license keys from being activated automatically.
  • Prevented the Name and Connectivity Server from being installed on Window XP/2003 operating systems.
  • Added report view to the New Class dialog to help identify similar named SIS Classes.
  • Fixed issue where local configuration was not being overridden by a Group Policy.
  • Removed SIS configuration options from the cut down CCE Tutor mode.
  • Prevented lock up in the NCS when using the Reset Data option.
  • Solved issue with Roster data where multiple periods were set for the same class.
  • Improved synchronisation of the OneRoster data.
  • Solved issue where students could bypass internet restrictions in full screen browser view.
  • Icons on the inventory report toolbar now appear correctly for right to left languages. (AR/HE).
  • Improved re-direction speed for website blocking.
  • Limited daily syncs to the OneRoster server to 15 minute intervals.
  • The Roster tab in the NCS has been renamed to "OneRoster".
  • Solved issue with slow performance when using Chrome browser and moving tabs to another Window.