Opswat MetaDefender Vault v1.4.0

Ab sofort steht das Programm Add-On MetaDefender Vault von Opswat in der Version v1.4.0 zur Verfügung


Ab sofort steht das Programm MetaDefender Vault von OPSWAT in der Version v1.4.0 zur Verfügung.

20.11.2019 => Releasedatum Hersteller
22.11.2019 => Releasedatum ProSoft


Bei dieser Version handelt es sich um ein Minor Release und somit ist kein neuer Lizenzschlüssel notwendig.

Diese Version kann mit einem Lizenzkey verwendet werden


  • Invalid file expiration value
    Using zero as a value for file expiration would cause uploads to fail

Neue Funktionen

  • Vault to Vault
    This enhancement makes it possible to transfer files and folders from a Vault server to another
  • Two-stage supervisor approval
    By enabling two-stage supervisor approval, a user will require two votes before a file can be approved
  • More information about files
    It is now possible to see more information about files by enabling more columns like 'Upload Date'
  • Cancel MD Core scan on failure
    When a failure or a timeout occurs, the scan is canceled so that resources can be freed

Zusäztliche Informationen

MetaDefender Vault 1.4.0 is a feature release primarily focused on enhancements and bug fixes